Volkswagen Electric I.D hatchback can cut 600 km at one charge

New reports have appeared for the Volkswagen I.D electric hatchback that will be a member of the German I.D fleet operated by the German company which has so far four cars are I.D. Streetmate, I.D. Cruiser, and finally I.D. Freeler. Next to the hatchback.

The reports revealed that the basic category of the car will carry a battery of 48 kW / o and able to walk a distance of 330 km with a single electric charge, and the price will be about 42 thousand dollars. While the middle class will have a larger battery and a range of up to 450 km with one electric charge.

While the highest category that will provide the highest range of the car will be produced on the wheelbase MEB new electric cars and will travel 600 kilometers.

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