Volkswagen stops producing its most famous car

Volkswagen has announced that it will stop producing its famous beetle car. The company pointed out that it will stop the production line of the oldest car, in July 2019.

it said it finished the third generation of beetle cars, putting them in the market for “special and final versions” of them, at prices 23.045 thousand dollars and 25.995 thousand dollars.

The Beetle was manufactured in Nazi Germany in 1938 and arrived in the United States 11 years later and was sold by the German company for 30 years before the decision to stop production.

Volkswagen revived the Beetle car in 1998 and rebuilt it in 2012, in an effort to help it attract more buyers.

The car got a flat roof and a navigation system.

Volkswagen did not say whether it would re-manufacture the beetle in the future, but only said it was not seeking the move at the moment.

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