Volvo 360c concept For the future of mobility: your car, your office and your living room

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Where will you live if you can travel every day while you are in a self-contained office space? If they provide you with your full functional needs, they are connected to the Internet, convenient and mobile. What if the service is offered on a subscription basis on demand? Or what if it was provided by the same employer? This is just a glimpse into the myriad of scenarios and questions posed by the Volvo 360c concept, unveiled as part of the company’s vision for the future of self-mobility through secure and Internet-connected electric cars that may allow Volvo to enter new growth markets. The concept reflects the possibility of changing the traditional living infrastructure at the present time by diverting unproductive or boring travel time into useful minutes and hours on the road.

“The Volvo 360c is exploring what can be achieved when we remove the human driver, the new design freedoms and thus restore time,” said Morten Levenstam, senior vice president of the company’s strategy. “The concept is a glimpse into how to change the world’s self-driving technology, We know it today. Complete self and electrical transport provides a range of advanced safety and environmental features such as pollution reduction, traffic congestion, health and lifestyle benefits for those living in cities whose health is affected by stress related stress and can not fully utilize their time. It also opens up more residential freedom, reduces the pressure on real estate prices and more affordable home ownership because the car may be transformed into a full housing store.

Levenstam added that people who are less dependent on proximity to cities are only one example of the effect of removing the burden of unproductive travel time. This Volvo office makes it possible for people to live further away from crowded cities and use their time in a more fun and efficient way. You wake up, your office is available and if you want to meet someone else using the same platform, the two offices can meet in a place outside the city, . The Volvo 360c is based on a fully self-contained electric car without a human driver. It re-visualizes how people move, how they deal with friends, family, contacts, and how they can recover lost time during the transition. This concept introduces four potential uses of self-driving vehicles: a sleeping environment, a mobile office, a living room and a recreation space.

Attractive transportation options can compete with air, bus and train service providers, but with competitive advantages in comfort, convenience and privacy. With 360C, Volvo also explores opportunities to expand its business model beyond that of a traditional car manufacturer. The company expects strong interest from customers of a range of different industries.

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