Watch Brabus reveal a modified Mercedes E63 AMG with an average of 789 hp

  • Mercedes E63 AMG
  • Mercedes E63 AMG_2
  • Mercedes E63 AMG_3

At a time when Mercedes E63 AMG is experiencing the power of the BMW M5 and its superiority in acceleration races, Brabus has provided the solution for the owners of the German car by adjusting it and lifting its power to 789 HP.

Brabus is pioneer of modified Mercedes cars revealed their own version of the E63 AMG, which carried from the outside the growths in the foreground and a rear air dispersant with the sports exhaust system with its black exits in addition to dark green paint, black rims, orange brakes and the built-in wing.

Mechanically, Brabus has provided powerful modifications to the V8 engine, which comes with a capacity of 4.0 liters and replaced turbo chargers with a larger one to increase the engine power from 603 hp to 789 HP and its torque rose from 850 nm-m to 1,000 nm.

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