Watch Koncepto Millenya the smallest flying car in the world Take off on video

A Filipino inventor invented the smallest and lightest flying car in the world, named it “Koncepto Millenya”.

The inventor’s backstory, Kyxz Mendiola, has no scientific or university background in the manufacture of individual machines or planes, but he has learned a huge amount of science himself, ending up in a smaller “flying sport car” industry all over the world.

Mendiola was able to fly successfully in the first real test of his new plane, which was able to fly up to a height of 7.5 meters. The car can also fly in various weather conditions, rain and dust.

In addition, the inventor has confirmed that his new aircraft will be able to fly to a height of 120 meters, with the completion of the pilot phase and ensure its full technical readiness.

The inventor noted that he began his career in the aircraft industry in 2010. In 2012, he moved to work seriously in his new project, which resulted in the manufacture of “Koncepto Millenya”, where he provided money and funding the project itself, for six years.

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