What food can one US dollar buy around the world?

Have you thought about the importance of one dollar in every country in the world? The famous American currency can buy things of different values, according to its official price in each country, which is illustrated by the reference to what can be bought around the world for only one dollar.


You can take in that Asian Islamic state, the official and famous breakfast there, a popor days.


In that state-leading technology and civilization, one dollar can be used to buy a piece of chocolates only.


The value of the dollar in this African country, is able to buy a meal from Chipsy Mayay, which is a delicious potato omelette.

United State

Within the borders of the country that owns the currency, you will get a slice of pizza for a dollar.


Before the dollar could have bought one of the bulls, but with the devaluation of the Egyptian pound, it could offer two of those delicious Egyptian meals.


Aji di Galina is a chicken and rice meal worth about $ 1 in Peru, located in the western part of South America.


In one dollar, you will get some “mumu”, a special meal in Asia, specifically in Nepal.

Hong Kong

A packet of carbonated water is the most appropriate option to use a dollar there.


The price of the dollar, which is very close to the value of the British currency, the sterling, can provide you with a loaf of bread.


You will be very happy if you use the dollar to buy a wonderful pie from this ancient European country.

South Korea

It can provide Korean kimpap meal.

North Korea

In this mysterious Asian country, you can get a bottle of milk when you pay your US dollar, that’s before you do it there.

United Arab Emirates

A sandwich of shawarma is the best choice to enjoy its distinctive taste, for only $ 1.


In that cold country, the dollar can buy 2 kg of potatoes.


In one dollar, you get a loaf of French bread the most famous in the world.


A packet of lettuce is what you can get for just one dollar.



What is the coolest Italian espresso coffee, which is worth only $ 1.


The dollar provides India, an integrated meal of curry.

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