What happens to your personal data on the internet when you die?

A new study predicted that 1.4 billion Facebook users will die before 2100, leaving behind their personal data.

If you are using the Internet for a little bit it is likely that you have digital footprints everywhere, some of which are most likely in the form of personal data on social media, but what happens to all these effects of personal information after you missed it?
The study revealed that in 50 years, the number of dead users would exceed those of the living users, and the study raised questions about how to maintain the data of the deceased person.

The study published the magazine “Big Data Susitti ” and found that the number of dead users on Facebook will rise to 4.9 billion before the end of the century.

Facebook allows the relatives of dead users to keep their pages as a memorial, plus Facebook has made some changes, the deceased person will not appear among the friends you can add and also will not receive a ticket for the birthday of the person.

Friends and other acquaintances of the deceased can share their memories from their own timetables or post something special on the deceased’s page. In other words, even after a person’s departure, his/her page continues to live as well as his or her personal data.

The survey data showed that about 1.4 billion users on Facebook would have died before 2100, in which case, if users ‘ statistics remained the same as they were in 2018, the total number of deceased users could surpass the neighbourhoods by the year 2070.

Facebook has 1.56 billion active users every day, and the figure has risen by 2 percent since the last quarter of last year.

The problem of the deceased is not the only one that Facebook faces, there are hate speech and fake news spread on the site.

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