what is earwax colors and how to clean your ear safely?

earwax Is one of the most important things to help protect the ear, many people have some misconceptions about earwax that is evidence of non-cleaning ear and many people may seek to get rid of earwax completely, but this is a large mistake , for the presence of ear wax is to protect the ear from dust and bacteria that may enter the ear, so today we will offer you a set of tips that help to clean your ear and tell you about the indicators of earwax  colors.

earwax colors

The yellow color that tends to brown slightly indicates that the wax is wet and natural and in good condition.

White earwax tends to gray This indicates that the wax is dry.

Soft yellow earwax this new wax.

The pale color indicate that this wax is old, must be removed naturally.

How to clean the ear properly and properly:

It is known that the ear of the sensitive and it is recommended to be cleaned by a specialist, because mistakes may cause a lot of problems, but we will provide you with a set of tips that help to get rid of wax properly, you can drop baby oil or olive oil in the ear and leave it until earwax is softened and comes out naturally with some help by cleaning the ear from the outside, if this method did not work to remove some of the earwax Do not try to extract the wax with your hands or using any other tool so as not to cause infections of the ear then you must visit a doctor right away.

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