what is the Spring equinox and Autumn equinox ?

Autumn equinox, or Spring equinox, is equal to the daytime on the Earth’s surface in one day fixed every year, where the night and day are equal in all regions on the surface of the globe and the so-called autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere.

The autumn equinox occurs on Sunday 23rd September of 2018, equaling the number of daylight hours with the number of night hours on that day. It is supposed to appear in the sky at night five planets from the solar system are Mercury Venus Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, and the autumn equinox occurs tomorrow evening At eight o’clock and two minutes GMT on the northern hemisphere and so the autumn begins in the northern hemisphere and spring begins in the southern hemisphere.

The autumn of this year lasts 89 days, 20 hours and 26 minutes, and the sun rises from this point exactly east from the point of the west. The southern hemisphere starts at the beginning of the spring and the ice begins to melt.

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