Wheat allergy… Symptoms and Treatment methods

Have you ever heard of
Celiac disease? , where the digestive system is attacked when eating gluten-containing foods found in barley and wheat, so some have called this disease the name of wheat allergy.

The crisis
At a time when the immune system protects human health by repelling the attacks of viruses and bacteria, the resulting disease weakens that necessary protection when eating gluten-containing dishes.

When a patient is eating wheat and barley food the immune system treats the harmful attack on the lining of the small intestine, which immediately causes damage to the intestinal forest inside, and then the body loses the ability to absorb the nutrients required.

The Symptoms
The symptoms that appear on the patient of the haematological disease vary by age, for the adult person usually gets anemia or anemia, and damage to the tooth enamel, headache, general fatigue, burning sensation accompanied by acid reflux, pain in the joints and decreased bone density, as well as decreased spleen functions and itching and rash Bloody skin.

Symptoms of Seborrhea disease appear slightly different for children, when they are caught or diarrhea, delayed puberty, short stature, skin infections, as well as neurological symptoms and problems with learning, while the symptoms of the same disease appear on infants in the form of weight loss, chronic diarrhea, feeling of pain, swelling in the area Belly.

Doctors stress that the only treatment for the disease is the care for a nutritional method, completely free of the foods that are saturated with gluten, where it is advisable to avoid food containing barley and wheat, especially bread, bearing in mind that eating dishes that contain small percentages of gluten, Like Rusks, for example, it can induce damage to the small intestine, so care is required.

It is also advisable to avoid foods containing cereals such as pasta, and by paying attention to canned food that may contain gluten without knowing what is needed to read the ingredients with attention so that the crisis does not worsen.

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