Why is there blood in chicken eggs and is it dangerous for health?

Chicken eggs are healthy and nutritious products, which are used in many dishes, and may be the main dish in many countries.

But what should you do if you break the egg and find blood stains? Are these eggs dangerous for health? Let’s get to know that.

The blood usually appears inside the egg, due to the rupture of the small blood vessels and capillaries in the hen’s ovary, and during the egg formation process, blood penetrates the blood ducts into the egg and settles in the yolk.

Many poultry farmers have encountered such a problem. To solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the cause of the blood stains on the egg crust and then within it, according to the location “Fermers.

One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is that the hen is subjected to repeated efforts, food of low quality or reduced strength of the immune system, as well as viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases and some infections. There are also other reasons, including the lack of a dick, or on the contrary the presence of more than one within the faction, the lack of vitamins and amino acids in the hen’s body, or hereditary factors.

Is it possible to eat eggs that have blood points in it?

Many people ask themselves if there are blood spots inside the egg. According to veterinarians, they can be treated, as they do not pose any threat to the health of the human body, but must be thermally treated first (i.e. not eating raw). Some doctors recommend removing blood points from the egg, so you can do it using a knife or a needle.

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