Why the founder of WhatsApp left Facebook Gave up nearly a Billion dollar?

Brian Acton, co-founder of the world’s most famous messaging application, WhatsApp, spoke for the first time about his relationship with Facebook after selling the app in 2014 for $ 19.3 billion, and then abruptly leaving the company because of internal problems with the Facebook founder and how he wanted to run an application. Correspondence.

Acton said the aim of WhatsApp’s development was to provide an easy way for the public to talk and maintain the privacy of its users, which Facebook later found to be different with, wanting the application to be a way to make a profit basically. “They are first class businessmen,” Acton said.

WhatsApp’s co-founder spoke about the first Facebook meeting, which was in 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg sent an email to his partner Jan Komm to talk about the application. The response was positive from the founders of WhatsApp but without intention to abandon their project, but with 2014 and the emergence of a meeting between the founders And Gokel, Zuckerberge raised its interest in the application and ended up acquiring it for $ 20 billion, Acton’s share was $ 3.6 billion, owning 20% ​​of the shares. But later left the company behind him $ 850 million due to differences, as the company shares rose with the profits assumed once he left the door.

once Facebook acquired the application, he began to make plans to make money from it, which he opposed with his partner and friend, Jean Koom, but eventually after his meeting with Zuckerberg and his disagreement on the matter left the company in September 2017 and was followed later by the other founder of the application.

According to Acton, the method of encrypting messages in WhatsApp makes it impossible to disassemble them, which means that no one can analyze messages and not be able to use data in the business system or ads, but Facebook provided data analysis tools to provide data to business owners Which will be difficult in the natural situation, which made Acton wondering about the persistence of the method of encryption in the application or lack of credibility of the data analysis tools provided by the company.

“We have been offered an offer that can not be rejected,” said WhatsApp’s former vice president, who spoke at the same time about his daily suffering in leaving data for 1.5 billion users in the hands of a group of entrepreneurs who aim to make money primarily from him, Users.

Which encouraged him to write #DeleteFacebook after the Cambridge scandal Analtica, which rocked Facebook, and put $ 50 million in support in the company developed for the application of Signal Chat, which provides full data encryption.

Apart from WhatsApp, the founders of Instagram decided to give up their posts and leave Facebook also because of disagreements over the management of the application. As evidenced by the many recent resignations, Facebook is essentially looking for profit regardless of the route, which makes the owners of ideas that serve users leave the company – This is also confirmed by Acton.

Zuckerberg once told him that he viewed WhatsAppas a product of his company, like Instagram, and nothing more, so their goal was to make a profit for the company, especially through ads that make up 98% of the company’s revenues.

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