With pictures… Dubai builds floating villas for the first time in the world

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The group “Kleindienst “, which develops the heart of Europe project on the world’s Islands in Dubai, is approved for the construction of the world’s first floating building.

The group announced in a statement that it obtained the approval of the specialized authorities to register the first floating building in the world, according to the newspaper “Bayan ” the Emirati.

The people who buy villas “fluting sea Horse” will become the first owners of a floating dwelling and a piece of ocean beneath it, the statement added.

The operation of the sub-section of the building was initiated by the “Klindienst ” And it is expected that the ownership of the ocean will be added through the title deed, so that the owners can treat the villas as any property on land.

The paper noted that innovation requires new regulations, and new approvals from stakeholders, to ensure and raise the value of ownership.

Joseph Kleindienst, founder and chairman of the group’s board of directors, said: “The project is a race by introducing the concept of the second home in the region and globally.”

He continued that the project “allowed the registration of fluting Sea Horse, and buyers will be able to obtain title deed for their own piece with an ocean of water. Making this the dream of living above water is possible for the first time in the World “.

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