Xiaomi partners with Ikea to invest $1.5 billion in the Internet of things platform

During its annual conference on Internet Products (MIDC), Xiaomi announced its collaboration with the Swedish ikea to invest $1.5 billion over the next 5 years to bring more products to the Internet field of things, where the next phase will focus on smart lighting products from Ikea And connect them with the Internet platform stuff Aiot Umi.

The Aiot platform is responsible for the operation of Smart products, operating more than 130 million smart devices other than phones and laptops, which included 20 million active devices distributed to 200 countries around the world, said Xiaomi chairman and CEO Lee John during the conference.

The smart lighting products from ikea will be launched with the Xiaomi LoT platform in China to be controlled by the various Xiaomi products, which include Xiao Ai’s voice assist and the application of the Mi home Assistant as well as other sensors and smart devices of the company.

, Xiaomi ‘s use of Internet products can be read and further activated, and partnerships like this are being sought to compensate for the shortfall in sales of its telephones in the Chinese market over the past year, with sales dropping by 15% according to some government studies.

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