Xiaomi showcases a phone with a fingerprint that works anywhere in the screen

Last year, the in-screen fingerprint technology was one of the emerging technologies that improved at the end of the year and found great popularity among companies to appear on more than one flagship phone.

If as it is evident in the title of the news, after the spread of the footprint within the screen dramatically on the ground Chinese companies have started in the direction of the next step or the new generation of fingerprint on the screen so to speak.

The idea appeared today via a video show from the Chinese Company Xiaomi, where the CEO appeared to review a phone with a fingerprint operating in all parts of the screen as soon as you put your finger anywhere in the screen will open directly.

Xiaomi  certainly is the technology to be among the main advantages of one of the next ones Xiaomi  Mi 9 and until then we are expected to see a lot of companies heading for the same trend this year.

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