Yellow food… Health benefits for adults and children

Apricot, banana, corn, mango, potatoes and oranges are all colourful, revealing the health benefits of them and other yellow and orange foods, which are saturated with the vitamins and minerals necessary for human health, as we illustrate with those lines.

Prevention of heart disease
Most vegetables and yellow fruits contain very high rates of potassium, the high blood pressure resistant metal, which protects the body from the risk of heart disease, these yellow-coloured dishes also include a good percentage of vitamin C, which has an active role in the face of bad cholesterol, one The most prominent triggers of heart disease.

Avoid infection
At a time when the yellow foods are rich in vitamin C, as we mentioned before, the body is benefiting by eating them by strengthening the immune system, which means the ease of resisting cold and flu diseases, and increasing the ability to expel harmful bacteria from the body first, without waiting.

Young skin and skin continue to eat yellow-coloured food, through its antioxidants, which are again the secret to vitamin C, where it works to confront free particles in the body, before it stimulates it to produce more collagen, the one who has the benefit of resisting the emergence Wrinkles and similar signs of age.

Reduce the chances of osteoporosis
Most of the vegetables and fruits in yellow include a good percentage of calcium, a mineral that many people are aware of its amazing benefits of bone strengthening, so these dishes help the body to reduce the chances of suffering from osteoporosis, especially with the practice of continuous sports, as well as the role of metal mentioned in Dental reinforcement.

The largest proportion of yellow foods contains two very important elements, zeazanthine and lutein, which are known for their ability to face oxidation in the body, so we ensure that these yellow-coloured dishes keep looking, without needing to wear eyeglasses later, and without Suffering is also the blurred vision in the dark areas.

In the end, it is advisable to eat yellow fruits or vegetables on a continuous basis, to win the health benefits available in the form of delicious foods that are loved by adults and children.

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