your urine color identify your illness

Natural urine color ranges from pale yellow to golden yellow, but if urine color changes to “orange, brown, green or blue”, it indicates that there is something strange in the body, whether a particular disease or eating certain foods and side effects of drugs.

Dark yellow color

It is a sign that the water is not adequately absorbed in the body and the compounds in the urine become more concentrated and make it darker. It is also evidence of dryness of the body.

Red or pink color

It is evidence of the existence of many things

1: infection or kidney disease

2: A Guide to Prostate Enlargement

3: the incidence of some cancers

4: It may also be evidence of eating certain foods such as beetroot or side effects of certain drugs

5: lead of Poisoning or mercury

The orange color

Which is the result of the treatment of some drugs that turn the color of natural urine to orange color and may be evidence of the existence of problems in the bile ducts or liver.

blue or green Color

As a result of the dyes used in some tests of kidney and bladder or taking some medicines and supplements, and in some cases are caused by bacteria and infections in the urinary tract or hyperglycemia.

Brown color

Eat certain foods or effects of some medications, urinary tract infections and liver disorders

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